MPLS Fun in the Lab: Building a MPLS L3VPN Unicast and Mcast Cloud

MPLS Fun in the Lab: Building a MPLS L3VPN Unicast and Mcast Cloud

I need to build a MPLS cloud for something.  Thought I’d invite you along for the fun in the lab.  Party on!


Ultimately what I want to do is have a multicast source up in the upper left in Headquarters and multicast receivers down in Site11 and Site 12 joining those groups.

For this blog series that will mean 6 blogs

Part 1: Create the MPLS Cloud

Create the MPLS cloud and prep it for MPLS L3VPN Unicast for One L3VPN Customer

  • OSPF area 0
  • MPLS LDP neighbors between the PEs and the P
  • BGP VPNv4 peers from all PEs to the VPNv4 Route Reflector

Part 2: Connect the Customer

  • Configure physical interfaces towards Headquarters (Mozzarella) and Site 11 (String) to be in vrf customerA and to have IP addresses.
  • In the BGP IPv4 VRF address family for vrf customer A configure PE1 (Cheddar) to neighbor with Mozzarella and PE3 (Feta) to neighbor with String.
  • Mozzarella and String should already have a BGP peering configured and be advertising 10.1/16 (Headquarters/Mozzarella) and 10.11/16 (Site 11/String)
  • Have fun checking out the vpnv4 labels and the ldp labels and “following the label switch path” that should be taken
  • Send unicast traffic between HQ and String
  • Have fun looking at show commands and sniffer traces.  🙂


Next parts?  🙂  I’m not sure how many blogs it will be.  So once I’m fully done with the series I will come back and update this.  We will need to

  • Configure the cloud to support mVPN
  • Configure Headquarters and Site 11 to support ASM (any source multicast)
  • Get the multicast working



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  • gadam1

    Hi Fish! Are you planning to implement NG-MVPN (BGP SAFI 5 control plane and P2MP-RSVP or mLDP data-plane?) in the MPLS cloud? Is it fully supported on Cisco IOS-XE boxes?

    • Denise “Fish” Fishburne

      Just going Rosen draft. SP cloud is just a small piece of a bigger build I have to do.