IWAN: Why EIGRP or BGP Over the DMVPN Tunnel?

IWAN: Why EIGRP or BGP Over the DMVPN Tunnel?

IWAN (Intelligent Wide Area Network) and Why EIGRP or BGP over the DMVPN Tunnel.

In this YouTube “playing in the lab” IWAN fun we are going to drill down between 2 sites – Branch 3 and the Hub site.   Branch 3 will be in “hybrid” mode (1 MPLS link and 1 Internet Link) – in the past using the MPLS link as a primary and the internet link as backup only.  Now, however, taking advantage of IWAN’s Intelligent Path Control.

We will design the implementation such that should we need to fall back from Intelligent Path Control to normal routing…  we fallback to what is (for many customers’) today’s norm in this situation – MPLS as the Primary and Internet as the backup.  For this to happen….there will only be 1 entry in the RIB (via the MPLS)  How, then you ask, would you ever send any traffic at all out of the Internet link (tunnel 20) if that path is not in the routing table?  🙂

PfRv3 can read the EIGRP topo table and the BGP table…. we can still do intelligent decision making at the WAN edge and only send out the Internet path if we know we can get to that prefix in this direction.

…. Hope you have fun with the video and playing in the lab with me.  🙂

Click on the diagram below to go play.  🙂

Approx time: 25 Minutes


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