My Cisco Live 2016 Schedule

My Cisco Live 2016 Schedule

Ever since my blog, CiscoLive 2016: ‘Summer Camp for Geeks’, I’ve been getting questions about what my personal CLUS schedule typically looks like for the week.  CiscoLive 2016 will be my 11th CiscoLive US (“#CLUS”) and my 13th CiscoLive in general.

It is my favorite work week of the ENTIRE year.  And I look forward to it a great deal.  At the same time…. it is not even one full week and one can miss so much they wished they hadn’t missed because the time flies by so quickly. And yes… I have learned this the hard way.

So… first things first – I came up with the list of things that are priorities to me for the week.

All that said…… Here ya go. My CiscoLive (CLUS) schedule for the week.

  • Teach
  • Recharge
  • Learn
  • Play and Have Fun


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