My Dream: We just Hire the Best “Person” for the Job

My Dream: We just Hire the Best “Person” for the Job

Been toying with this blog idea for quite some time now.  What has stopped me? Three things: (1) Good old fashion fear of pissing people off,  (2) I don’t know how to “get” this dream to come true any better than what some people are currently trying. So I have kept my “pen” quiet.

My dream? We just hire the “best person” for the job.  Not the best man…. not the best woman…. not the best gay person… not the best “fill in the blank” minority group.  Just the best person for that job.

Let’s just accept today’s reality… there is a “wave” right now to get more women in executive positions and to “praise” companies that do that and “call out”/”punish” companies that don’t. For example, let’s look at Cisco. I get so tired of complaints from people talking about Cisco “not having a female” as an “heir apparent” to John Chambers.  I don’t care if the person who replaces John Chambers is a man or woman, gay or straight, .. etc. I just want the person who is the best person for the job.  The best person that will be Cisco’s next CEO. Just the “best person for the job“.










  • We have to eliminate the need for victims in our culture to do this. If we truly treat everyone equal, there is no victim which goes counter to what the Jesse Jackson types have been telling us for decades. I hope your pen raising works. 🙂

    • 🙂 It’s a nice dream. Admittedly the dream is also dependent on people being able to “truly treat everyone equal” as you mentioned. We all… yes me too… are human and therefore not exactly perfect. Which means we bring “bias” to the table when we interview people or meet people. Like it or not… see it or not. We bring our “lenses” through which we currently view the world and are a culmination of our experiences in life. Which means… yes… I have them also. Mine just don’t happen to be based on age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. …… But they are still there.