OSPF Default-Information Originate w/ Route Maps: Part#2 The Solution

This is “Part 2: The Solution” of our ‘whodunnit’   If you have not already read “Part 1: The Clues” please go read that now.  🙂

OSPF Default-Information Originate w/ Route Maps: Part#1 The Clues


You now have all the facts and clues needed to solve this “whodunnit”.   Thoughts? Ideas? 🙂



Big difference between the route-policy above and the route-policy we were using.  Zero “if” in the one below.  Let’s read that above again: “It accomplishes this configuration by evaluating the associated policy against routes in the Routing Information Base (RIB). If any routes pass the policy, the default route is generated and sent to the relevant peer.”







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