“Understanding IPv6” – 7 Part IPv6 Network Computing Series

“Understanding IPv6” – 7 Part IPv6 Network Computing Series

Newer to IPv6?  Know it some but just want to go a little bit deeper?  I realized I never put up here on my web site my 7 part … labor of love…. IPv6 blog series I did over on Network Computing.  🙂



Understanding IPv6: Link-Local ‘Magic’

Fish performs a little IPv6 sleight of hand in the second post in her series on IPv6.



Understanding IPv6: A Sniffer Full Of 3s

Fish explores Wireshark sniffer traces in order to understand the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.




Understanding IPv6: What Is Solicited-Node Multicast?

Fish lays down the basics of solicited-node multicast, which provides the functionality for Neighbor Discovery in IPv6 addressing.



Understanding IPv6: Prepping For Solicited-Node Multicast

Before jumping into solicited-node multicast, a review of link-local scope multicast addresses is helpful.



Understanding IPv6: The Ping Before Solicited-Node Multicast

Fish gets ready to walk through solicited-node multicast, analyzing an ICMP ping echo request in IPv4 and showing how it differs from IPv6.



Understanding IPv6: Solicited-Node Multicast In Action

In the last installment of her IPv6 series, Fish explains how to find the MAC address associated with a Layer 3 IPv6 address.


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