Understanding IPv6 Network Computing Series

Understanding IPv6 Network Computing Series

Network Computing ran a 7 article series on “Understanding IPv6”.  It really has not been that long ago that these “deeper understandings” of IPv6 finally fully integrated into me. This deeper part of the journey has really only been in the past year.  Probably also explains why I like this series so much.  These were all very recent pain points for me.

I hope you enjoy the series and that it helps you with your journey into IPv6.

#1: Understanding IPv6: The Journey Begins




  • Stokes Fishburne

    I thoroughly enjoyed working thru your discussion. You are a real tribute to Cisco

    • Denise “Fish” Fishburne

      ROFL!! Hi Dad! 🙂

  • How did I miss until today that “comments” weren’t enabled anymore? Arg! Well… at least fixed now.