vBrownBag: Techniques of a Network Detective

vBrownBag: Techniques of a Network Detective

An essential part of running any network is being able to quickly diagnose and resolve service impacting events. But how does one do that in the world of IT where the only thing constant about technology is the constant change? We need to lean more heavily on the troubleshooting methodology and approach.  On the “techniques” of being a Network Detective.  How does one work towards solving ANY  “who done it”?  Simple…. one  Gathers the Facts Collects the Clues Follows the Evidence Interviews the Witnesses, and Questions the Suspects We will take this approach and show how one can use this and apply it in troubleshooting any networking “who done it”


Looking for more on some of the Techniques of a Network Detective?  Check out CiscoLive on Demand Library for BRKARC-2002 or my blog on Packet Pushers. Note: CiscoLive On Demand Library is completely free.

Just click on the one you want.  🙂  Have fun!




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