1 Year Anniversary for Networking With Fish

1 Year Anniversary for Networking With Fish

It seems like just yesterday I was at CiscoLive in San Francisco asking people I had met on twitter about their experiences blogging as well as hosting a web page.  Today?  Last week marked the 1 year anniversary of “Networking With Fish”.

I want to say thank you.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m not much on the idea of one person’s success being solely on them.  That can be a philosophical debate for some other day.  But suffice it to say I had nothing to do with the IQ or EQ I was born with.  Also while I was studying for my certifications…. I was reading documents and books that other people wrote.

So too with success of Networking With Fish.

So please indulge me for one moment on this 1 year Anniversary to say “thank you” to all those who were instrumental in the success of this web site.  Your mug is in the mail.  🙂

Russ White – Much starts with Russ. My CiscoLive career started because he asked me to be a speaker for CiscoLive 2006.  My becoming a CiscoLive Session Group Manager is because he pulled me in to co-SGM with him in 2009.  He introduced me to Ethan Banks – so he played a part in PacketPushers blogging. He introduced me to Michael Morris who, in turn, helped me get started blogging at Network World. Heck… even going for my CCDE is because of him. He kept nagging me to get the CCDE so I could then, in turn, help the CCDE program.

  • Amy Arnold
  • Keith Brister
  • Joe Clarke
  • Gina Cornett
  • Cory Crawford
  • Jonathan Davis
  • Jeff Doyle
  • Kathy Doyle
  • Susan Fogarty
  • Lauren Friedman
  • Michael Haigh
  • Brett Huffman
  • Robert Kintner
  • Amy Lewis
  • Charlie Lewis
  • Javad Mehdian
  • Steve Moore
  • Michael Morris
  • James Ng
  • Donnie Savage
  • John Schreiner
  • Laura Simmons
  • Bob Smith
  • John Spade
  • Bill Wilson

…. and, of course, Mom and Dad.














  • Stokes Fishburne

    It has been a real pleasure to see you doing so well in work and in life. Who knew, when I started you programming at SciTec, that it would lead to the accomplishments and the FUN that you are having. Your Dad

    • Dad (Stokes Fishburne) – it was so much fun working at SciTec and learning Fortran from you. 🙂

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