Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Look at that middle glass in the picture to the left.  Do you view that middle glass as 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

For me, how I have viewed that middle glass during my lifetime has changed.

In my late teens I was more of a “glass 1/2 empty” girl.  Then something happened in my life when I was 19 that changed that.  I shifted, more often than not, to “glass 1/2 full” type view.

But something occurred to me one day. Ya know what?

All 3 of those glasses are…. in fact…. 100% filled.  My view of the glasses is actually not in touch with reality… with the facts.  My view is completely subjective.

Let’s go to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and look up the words view and empty and look at what they have listed for each as the very first definition.

View: an opinion or way of thinking about something

Empty: containing nothing

By that definition we can see, that the supposedly “empty” glass on the far left isn’t, in fact, actually empty.  Empty would mean it contains nothing. The glass on the far left is actually completely filled…. with air.   The middle glass completely filled with a combination of water and air.

I have always viewed that glass to the left as completely “empty” because it contains nothing of what I want.  But it isn’t actually a fact that is is empty.  My view of it as empty is based on my opinion or way of thinking about it.

This thought sparked, for me, a lot of additional “ummm…. hmmmm” type thinking in other areas of my life.  Don’t know if it will do anything for you.

Just here to Pass it On.


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