Intelligent Bandwidth Decisions at the WAN Edge

Intelligent Bandwidth Decisions at the WAN Edge

Business Critical Applications and Intelligent Decision Making at the WAN Edge….. these are the things I’ve been focusing on in the past few blogs.  To me, PfRv3 and DMVPN are the dynamic duo of Cisco’s IWAN that help you learn about and avoid impairments (delay, loss, jitter) along the path that business critical traffic takes.

Let’s take this even further though.  How else can IWAN’s Intelligent Path Control help us apply the mentality of the  7Ps (“Prior proper preparation prevents piss poor performance”)  to our network and to business critical traffic?

Knowledge… information gathering… awareness. These are the first steps.  Once you have the knowledge you can make intelligent decisions based on that knowledge at the WAN edge.

What knowledge?  🙂  How about the bandwidth of your WAN links?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have facts, such as what their current bandwidth utilization is, be a  part of the Intelligent decision making at the WAN edge?


We can do that for you now.  We can use what your current egress utilization is on your WAN links in the intelligent decision making process that PfRv3 does for you at the WAN edge.

Of course that means you have now have just been assigned an action item.  You have got to help us to help you. You need to CONFIGURE the egress bandwidth on your tunnel interface.   Please please please do not forget. Otherwise you are going to be feeding the Intelligent Path Control erroneous facts.  🙂

  • kb3311

    Fish, thanks for transferring your up to date testing knowledge and insight.

    • Absolutely my pleasure. 🙂 Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I had gone on vacation.

  • srinivas mortha

    Fish, Valuable information.

    I am currently looking at some of performance metrics for Cisco IWAN environment.

    – How well is the traffic(bandwidth utilization) being split between 2 clouds (MPLS and Internet ) ? How to get this ?

    – How much of the traffic is media and how much is critical apps ? Occurrence of reroutes due to performance policy violation