Intelligent WAN (“IWAN”) Here I Come!

Intelligent WAN (“IWAN”) Here I Come!

As many of you know I work in Cisco’s Customer Proof of Concept (CPOC) lab and have for many years (since February of 2001).  What this has meant is that for the past 14 years I’m never in one specific lab environment for more than 1 month.  Which, admittedly, works great when one is a “little” A.D.D. 🙂

But for the next 5 months I will be playing (oh… right “working”) in one specific lab environment. Specifically related to Cisco’s Intelligent WAN (IWAN)















The above diagram is of the current “CPOC IWAN PreBuilt Static Testbed”.  It was built late last year by CPOC engineers Robert Kintner, Steve Moore, and Gina Cornett.

Guess who will be taking this over for the next few months?  🙂   I’m very stoked!  …. and I’m going to take you along for the fun.

Obviously I don’t want to play and mess up the environment that is already set up and built.  So tossing the below environment together for us to play and learn in.   I will NOT be encrypting the DMVPN tunnels so we can look at sniffer traces together.  🙂















Next steps?  Off to the lab!   Load code, cable, and setup default configs to be able to get to the CPOC ftp/tftp server.  Then?

  • MPLS Cloud
  • INET Cloud

THEN we will start to play with the DMVPN.  Catch y’all next week.



  • Dan Cook

    Looking forward to this!

  • Samarendra C

    Sounds awesome, Fish! Eagerly waiting for more!

  • tzleppy

    Hey Fish, sounds great. We already test out PfRV3 for a couple of weeks, had some issues and lots of questions.
    Keep going on with the blog, would like to read your iWAN story

    • What issues did you run into with PfRv3??