Security Here I Come!

Security Here I Come!

The announcement has been made!  It is completely official!  I can finally share the awesome great news I am so excited about.  Security will be my absolute #1 focus now. 

Security has always fascinated me.  My entire career.  ….. It’s just that the fundamentals of routing and design intrigued me even more.  🙂

But now?  Yeah baby!  Now I get to flip a switch… dive into and completely surround myself with all things Security.  And I just could not be any more tickled pink and excited.  I feel like all my years of networking have been a build up towards this.

Am I leaving my CPOC lab and job I adore so much?  Nah… I’d go through withdrawal.  LOL.  Nah… wouldn’t be pretty.  It is just my role that will be changing.

Woot woot!  Security here I come!  ROCK!





2 responses to “Security Here I Come!”

  1. Doug in Dallas says:

    Great to hear the announcement Fish. Best of luck on it.